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Helix Access offers among the best trading environments for CFD trading in more than 10,000 New Zealand and international share CFDs alongside stock CFDs and indices across 4 continents.

You can trade stock CFDs on the world's most famous companies as well as share CFDs across global markets and benefit from price movements in any direction.

At Helix Access, you can trade both Stock CFDs and share CFDs on two powerful platforms from the same trading account, on desktop and mobile (Apple iOS & Android). The stock CFDs come from a range of global markets including London, Hong Kong, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam and New York (NYSE & Nasdaq) and cover a wide range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, aviation, tourism and Big Tech. Helix Access is once again leading the way with an advanced group of stock CFDs which will give traders illimitable and outstanding opportunities in the universal markets

DMA Share CFD Count Per Exchange

ASX 2829
AXW 102
NYSE 1524
ARC 198
LSE 972
HKE 1418
SGX 438
IDK 23

Equities Trading

Helix Access offers exposure to international equity markets with genuine market data, low commissions and competitive margins. See your trades using real market data and trade transparently using CFDs across 4 different continents and over 10,000 stocks. Command higher position sizes by choosing between leveraged trading accounts with competitive financing rates. With the ability to go long and short, you could potentially profit on the price movements of companies from around the globe.

In New Zealand, the stock market has pre-open and pre-close phases where buying and selling orders are allowed to overlap. A computer algorithm then matches these orders and determines the opening and closing price where the most amount of stocks trade through. Helix Access provides access to both these market phases and all the associated extra liquidity.


In the event AAPL.NAS pays out a dividend of $0.82 per share. Your account will receive a cash adjustment if you are holding a Long position.

Using the scenario above, given that you hold 100 units of AAPL.NAS on the Dividend date. You will receive the following cash adjustment credit to your trading account.

100 * 0.82 = $82 USD.

However, if you take the opposite position and are SHORT on AAPL.NAS, you will be required to pay:

100 * 0.82 = $82 USD.

This amount will be a cash adjustment debit from your trading account.

If the price To You could Gain or Lose
for a Long Position
Rises by 1% 305.91/306.91 USD $30.90
Declines by 1% 305.91/306.91 - USD $30.90

What is the Difference
Between CFD trading
and Share Trading?


The principal difference between CFD trading and share trading is that you do not own the underlying asset i.e the physical share. As stated, CFD stands for "contract for difference" and with a CFD you never actually take ownership of the asset or instrument you are trading but you can still take benefit if the stock market moves in your favour or make a loss if the market moves in the other direction.

CFDs are also a leveraged product and the margin requirements mean that you only need to deposit a percentage of the full value of the trade in order to open a CFD position whereas with share trading shares are usually purchased for the full amount owed.

Leverage also comes with suspential risk, so it is important to understand the risks that comes with leverage before trading.

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