Investment Capability


Alternative investment strategies, such as hedge funds, may provide investors with valuable sources of potential return, powerful portfolio diversification and effective ways to manage downside risk. Through our dedicated Alternative Investment Strategies capability, we seek to provide our clients with the most compelling opportunities that the asset class can offer to help meet their investment goals. . Through our global network of industry relationships, and global research platform, we are able to connect with hard-to-access managers and strategies. Through disciplined portfolio construction we aim to combine best-in-class opportunities to target each client’s precise needs for return, volatility management and liquidity.

Fixed income

Fixed income is a diverse asset class that aims to deliver diversification, income, total return and capital preservation for investors. The Fixed Income Team at Helix Access harnesses the full spectrum of fixed income markets, issuers, and credit quality – across public, private and alternative credit. With over 120 fixed income specialists, our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to build a wealth of solutions – from semi-passive to highly active – to meet all investor objectives and requirements. At the heart of our capability is a disciplined, research-driven and team-based approach. This ensures investment consistency and allows us to target reliable and repeatable outcomes for clients.


Solutions investing across multiple asset classes to achieve an optimal balance of risk and return Clients’ objectives can rarely be met by investing in a single asset class. Instead, a portfolio that actively invests across multiple asset classes has more sources of potential return, can better adapt to changing market conditions and can diversify portfolio risk for a better overall experience. Our multi-asset experts are supported by over 800* asset class specialists around the world, maintaining deep and continuous insight into equities, fixed income, real estate, Alternatives etc. Our collaborative team ethos ensures insight is fully and effectively shared so we can create outcome-focused portfolios comprising the most compelling opportunities we can find across markets and asset classes.

Strategic Client Solutions

Client investment needs often go beyond pure asset management. Many want an experienced partner that can help them address key strategic challenges such as increased regulatory requirements, cost pressures or the impact of low interest rates and subdued investment returns. Our Strategic Client Solutions team helps clients to address these and many other challenges. By working in close partnership, the team looks at each challenge holistically in the context of a client’s overall business and long-term goals. Through this highly bespoke approach, we have become a trusted partner to pension funds, insurers, wealth managers and individuals


We manage a range of liquidity assets for a broad range of institutional clients. These investors include corporates, banks, local authorities, and pension funds. Helix Access offer a selection of liquidity solutions capable of meeting your needs, whether they are capital preservation, daily dealing liquidity or enhanced yield.
At Helix Access our expertise in managing liquidity assets allows us to offer bespoke solutions which can be tailored to meet your particular liquidity and yield objectives. Our liquidity solutions are available for investors who are looking for either daily dealing access to their liquidity assets or those not requiring immediate access but looking for potential to enhance their returns.
Key features of our range of liquidity solutions include:

  • Diversification both of investments and risk
  • Availability across most major currencies
  • Liquid, highly secure and actively managed portfolios
  • Constant and variable net asset value (NAV) funds